1.  We are specialized in short beauty courses; you can reach your goals within a short period of time. You are even able to gain more than one qualification. (Ask us about the great complimentary courses)

We will help you achieve your dream career sooner than you think.

2.  Save not only time but save money.  Most of our training follows the nationally recognized training guidelines, although they are not regulated by Government Educational Department. You are going to be highly qualified through us for a much more affordable training fee. (It could be as cheaper as 1/3 price of a nationally recognized course) Please check our ‘Accreditation’ menu.

3.  QBTA (Queensland Beauty Training Academy) has a wide range of training; we constantly strive to deliver the most advanced and up to date techniques, products and knowledge.

4.  If you are looking for a creative, exciting career working with people, a career in the beauty industry is a great choice. Beauty field knowledge gives you a power to help others look and feel their best.

5.  We have excellent, highly educated, experienced staff members; all of them receive a minimum of 12 hours of continued education each year in advanced technology and teaching methodology.

6.  Each student is supplied with the highest quality of training materials, tools, devices, machines and products during their training sessions.

7.  We hold a nationally recognized certificate in Training and Assessment.

8.  All of QBTA (Queensland Beauty Training Academy) training outstandingly emphasizes  the importance of hygiene, infection control practices, maintenance of workplace health and safety regulations; we will teach you how to protect your clients and yourself through proper sanitation and sterilization practices, including how to sanitize and disinfect all of your tools and equipment and using PPE.(Personal Protective Equipment)

9.  Our professional short courses will let you become a working beauty professional within a short period of time, and begin earning money sooner.

10.This is a great career opportunity, with an additional complimentary training you always will be able to extend your knowledge, and improve your professionalism at QBTA (Queensland Beauty Training Academy). That will let you develop and pursue your creative and business talents at your own pace.

11.Our mentor program provides a strong background to you, our relationship won’t finish with your qualification; you can contact us for help or advice anytime in the future.

12.You will be able to run your own business, have no employer, with flexible schedules, and let your fantasy soar.