Refresher Training

Refresher TrainingWelcome to QBTA (Queensland Beauty Training Academy) Refresher Training

Qualification Title: Certificate of Completion in theory and practical components of Cosmetic Tattoo Procedures.

This training has been designed for those who:
– Already completed a cosmetic tattoo training, but don’t feel confident or unable to perform an independent treatment
Training fee: $1,750/2 days
– Don’t want to learn all 3 areas, rather prefer eyebrows only (or eyeliners, or lip only)
Training fee: $2,850/ 4 dayss

Please note these trainings are strictly one on one and does NOT INCLUDE KIT.

You are going to learn how to protect yourself and your clients from cross contamination from Hepatitis B, AIDS, etc. and how to maintain infection control and workplace health and safety practices (incl. waste management) on the highest level during the procedure. Our curriculum includes different cosmetic tattoo techniques such as solid, powdered or feathering eyebrow application.

You will learn about facial anatomy, skin anatomy, shaping and correction techniques, also about machine operation with kit overview and maintenance, needle sizes, when and how to use them, anaesthetics, client consultation, contraindications and aftercare instructions. You will learn about colour theory; what to look for in pigment, what colours cannot be used on their own and what colours cannot be mixed; safe and unsafe pigments, and why some colours change in the skin correction techniques. Your trainer is highly qualified (Cosmetic tattooist, Advanced Paramedical tattooist in Areola, Scar Camouflage and Skin Microneedling, Certified Soft Tap Artist, Microblading Artist, European Nursing Qualification, and Psychology studies, Basic and Advanced level Eyelash Extensions Artist, Lash Lift Technician, Advanced Plasma/Fibroblast Therapist, Dermaplaning Therapist), holds Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and Diploma of Beauty Therapy.

If you would like to learn about eyebrows only, or you feel gaps in your knowledge, this training will include:
– Eyebrows from the beginning
– Eyebrows design
– Eyebrows hairstroke patterns
– Eyebrows feathering and powdering technique with digital machine
– Tips and tricks about eyebrow cosmetic tattooing
– Unlimited post training support
– Student discount at our supplier shop

All training materials are provided.

Refresher 2 days training fee: $1,750.00

Eyebrows only 4 days training fee: $2,850.00


Hands-on practice for all procedures

Flexible practical hours, to complete the levels

Individually suited training methods

Maintain the highest level of hygienic and workplace health and safety standards – certified by Logan and Brisbane City Council

Highest quality with the latest technology in equipment

Australian accepted machine, machine parts, cartridges and pigments

Highest level of vocational standards

Exclusive and professional salon environment

Professional certificate upon course completion

Post training assistance, mentor program

Product purchasing info

Student discount at our supplier shop



You can bring your friend or relative who has no contraindication to perform the treatment. All procedures are supervised by your trainer. (If you have trouble to organise models, please let us know in time)


Please bring your camera as we going to take before and after photos of your models as part of your training sessions used in conjunction with the Client Indemnity form. (Camera should have a macro feature for close-up shots) It also going to be the start of your portfolio and we encourage you to take as many photos as you like.


Our Academy is conveniently set up with a refrigerator, microwave-oven, and tableware. Coffee and tea will be provided.



About micropigmentation, history of tattooing & permanent make-up

Skin anatomy, cell division, wound healing

Face, eye, eyebrow & lip shapes

Correction techniques

Hepatitis Alphabet

Fitzpatrick skin types


Skin disorders

Documentation, client consultation, aftercare instructions

Safe use of anaesthetics

Colour Theory

Selecting pigments, identifying skin undertones

Maintain infection control and workplace health and safety procedures

Treatment documentation


Aftercare instructions


Waste disposal, waste management


Eyebrow design steps

Design steps practice on paper

10 different eyebrow hairstroke pattern practices on paper

Eyebrow hair strokes and shading technique practise on paper

Powder brows

Ombre brows

Introduction to equipment and maintenance

Identify machine, machine parts and accessories

Assemble machine and accessories


Review of eyebrow design and treatment steps

Review of hair stroke patterns

Demonstration of full treatment of eyebrow design and cosmetic tattoo procedure by Judith

Workplace, equipment setup

Client consultation, treatment plan, pigment and technique selection

Safe use of anaesthetics

Design eyebrow, perform eyebrow tattoo procedure

Aftercare instruction

Cleaning of workplace


Eyebrow procedures by student under supervising

Workplace, equipment setup

Client consultation

Treatment plan, pigment and technique selection

Safe use of anaesthetics

Design eyebrow, perform eyebrow tattoo by student under supervising

Treatment documentation

Perform microblading treatment on model

Aftercare instruction

Cleaning of workplace

*Student is going to perform 2 independent procedures on this day.